Wake Up and Smell The Ruin

City Lights and Firefights

Session 15

On the horizon were the Twin Ziggurats of Dreegs, the hundreds of glimmering shops and buildings, and the massive PRISM Tower looming over all. Upon arriving in the glamorous Neon City’s Dreegs District, the convoy was searched and looked over. The crew got credits in exchange for their contraband weapons, and entered through the city gates. Immediately inspired and excited by the lights all around, the plant, SkiMask and Barack hopped out of the Roller, while Funky sought out a place to park it.

That night, while visiting Black Jack’s Hand, a massive gambling arcade in the district, the group met Zig, who greeted them with excitement and gravitas. He mentions the Alpha Program, a specialty team of mutants and augmented folks who workv for PRISM and lead private armies. He also brings up the recent falling meteors full of evil things, that the party once fended off. He vanishes after mentioning that he’ll see them again soon, and the team tried out The Gone-tlet, a long spanse of dangers that contestants run through while under the effects of debilitating chemical gas. They lost, passed out, and woke up the next morning, being kicked-and-fed-awake by Sick Eddie.
After breakfast, the team gathers themselves and head into the Envaea District, where the PRISM Tower stands tall. As they near the perimeter of the tower, guards indicate that the group is expected by William Sarne for a meeting on the 62nd floor. They need to offer up all of their weapons, and upon entering the tower, they are lead to a large elevator. After pressing every button on the way up, they finally make it to the floor.

Behind his desk sits Bill, who reluctantly smiles and approaches the party. He briefly pardons PRISM on Harlock’s behalf and grants each of them a large sum of digital tap-credits. He mentions the meteoric creatures and the shifting class tides in the Neon City. Finally he sends the party off, while handing them each his business card.
His face is grim.
Each business card has a different message scribbled on it, each to a similar tune.


The elevator’s “ding” breaks the dead silence, and everyone dashes as fast as they can out of the way as the elevator door opens, and six PRISM Soldiers unload automatic weapons into the office. The furniture gets eaten up by the gunfire, and suffering bullet wounds, the party springs for cover. In no more than 20 seconds, Bill attaches a sonic bomb to the window, and as SkiMask crawled into the ceiling to drop lights on the foes, Eddie diseased another, Milk used his psychic influences and Obama snapped a neck, the bomb blew out the window and Bill jumped.

Landing atop a carrier hovering outside, he helped the others climb inside, where they met Zig and a pilot named The Mink. Once all were in the ship, they blasted the office with intense gunfire and maneuvered through the city to escape.

They’re on the run.


johnfquirk johnfquirk

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