Wake Up and Smell The Ruin

Oh God Not The Bees

Session 12

After a few more exchanges with locals and the purchase of some questionable powder, the party heads off from the Golden City in search of Bill and their settlement money over being tested against their will by ex- PRISM-employee Harlock.

The entire truck fell straight into a big trapped hole in the road, and the group was telepathically taunted by a bizarre toddler-voices in their minds, then ambushed by a bunch of weird baby-geezers. After a daunting fight with these gross things, they’re attacked by a big brain-headed horror, which continues to telepathically communicate in an unsettling toddler’s voice.

They smash the toddler into bloody pieces and the weird naked-baby-geezers back off. The beast seemed to be controlling their minds, and they then lead the party to their underground city. In pitch blackness, they lead them around the town and show them the Bright Place, an anomaly that the party asks to learn more about.

Beyond a giant vault door is a strange 2000’s-era settlement, fresh and new, and full of clones of some guy named Jebediah. The clones, mostly defective and melty, tell the group that there’s another exit from the vault, and then warn the team about ‘55’, a dangerous clone apparently lurking somewhere in the colony.

After smashing a bunch of mirrors, the party finds 55, who darts toward the secondary vault exit, and proceeds to blast thousands and thousands of bees out of his mouth. The party survives, and then assess how the hell they’re going to get the ’Roller our of this godforsaken mess of a place.


johnfquirk johnfquirk

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