Wake Up and Smell The Ruin

Puppetty Horrorfest In The Dark

Side-Session 2

The Midnight Runners met up with a few other extended members, Fastghost, Barack Iguana and ASAS who agreed to take Cyra to a safehouse owned and operated by The Duskmen, a fellow gang beyond the city’s limits.

When the party mushes themselves past the border, they find themselves seeding through a ruined old factory, and are attacked by horrible brain-creatures. These beings manipulate other odd aberrations in the pitch-dark of the ruins, and seem to bleed maggots everywhere. Gross.

Just as all seemed grim, the beasts are assailed by a team of strangers, let by a man familiar to Barack Iguana— Lizard Filmore; fellow reptilian president, and leader of The Duskmen.


johnfquirk johnfquirk

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