Wake Up and Smell The Ruin

Riders; and The Storm

Session 14

After leaving the Arena, the party joined the convoy heading south, full of merchant-rigs, carriers and various other armored vehicles, and the Hogan Roller was towed through the mountains by their new friend.

The convoy was travelling so close together and in such friendly company, that it became commonplace for folks to climb and jump between vehicles while on the road. There was a semi-trailer-truck with an open back that had become a gathering place; and a group of people sat around a metal trash can with a fire inside, telling jokes and stories. Among them was a cook, a bounty hunter, a body guard, and some shiesty gambler who everyone seemed to dislike.
Here, the party also met Milk, a hardened gear-head with experience in engineering and mechanical repair. He spoke in soft, harsh tones, and seemed to be full of secrets. However, they got along, andExplosion Cactus and Barack Iguana bonded with him over spraying hallucinogenic crystal-mist in the face of the gambler, after he tried to trick them at dice games.

Suddenly, as they cautiously make their way through a pass, a horn rings out, whistles blow, and shouts come from down the convoy— a sandstorm is coming in, fast. The vehicles all seal up their doors and windows in preparation, and shortly the sand comes blasting in, through the canyon, wracking the convoy with intense tenacity. Then it stops; much shorter than expected, then the sound of boots on top of the semi are heard.

The door is pulled open by something big, and the group is ordered out of the trailer by a couple of snipers, positioned atop the cliff-side. The group then takes notice of the giant crustacean-like creature atop the trailer, furling its big nasty spaghetti-mouth in weird excitement. The party does not jive with this, and a fire-fight breaks out after Milk refuses to let them halt the convoy.

As Explosion Cactus blends into the ceiling of the trailer and the cook hides inside protecting his meatballs, Milk, Barack, and the others engage the snipers. Funky and Sick Eddie, too, spring out from the Hogan Roller to defend the convoy, to discover there are more snipers and even some kind of mutant who can control the weather, wielding a staff adorned with skulls.

Eddie manages to develop a friendship with the massive crustacean, sharing his bile and necrotic greases with it, while the snipers take punishment from the others, and Funky chases down the shamanic “Storm-Speaker”, whose summoned a glass twister against him. Explosion Cactus is hit by shards of glass and wounded, falling down the cliff-side.
By the end, Milk lands a head-shot on a sniper with one of their own rifles while Funky busts the shaman’s skull with the skulls on his staff, and Eddie and Barack clean up the remaining threats.

Explosion Cactus’ injuries are tended to, and the group is celebrated by the convoy-goers. Granted favors and tech by various merchants on board, they are praised, and even given some of the cook’s meatballs! Their newly-found crustacean friend, Spaghetti-O’s, seems happy to be with Eddie, and all of his corrosive stinks.

In the distance, as night falls, The Neon City glows with an ominous light, awaiting their arrival.


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