Wake Up and Smell The Ruin

Skyfall by Adele

Session 9

Funky Harrison’s fungal growth drags itself to the boat, along with a passed out Eddie and SkiMask. They push along through the frigid waters until they reach Freon Shore, and they pass out upon reaching the village. Over the course of the next two days, Eddie and SkiMask rested, while Funky’s mushroom grew and Explosion Cactus hung around the herbalist. At the dark of night, a large, terrible shooting star smashed to the ground about half-a-mile from the town. The adventurers awoke, and immediately sped their way towards the calamity. Along the way, they call up Adam from PRISM, and he warns them not to approach it; he’s heard reports of similar creatures before. Regardless, they continue toward the crash, and Adam says he’ll try to get there as soon as he can. Upon arriving there, they found a crater, where two wicked creatures are waiting within. They climb out, and sprout black, tar-like wings, and attack the adventurers. The adventurers dispatch the creatures, and as PRISM appears, they are met by Adam. The scientists of PRISM take samples from the creatures, and then look over the party to make sure they’re okay. The group saddles up with Adam, and they head to the Golden City where they can get gas, then plan to make their way south to The Neon City, where they’ll be met by Bill to get some answers and some credits.


johnfquirk johnfquirk

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