Funky Harrison

Yeti/Fungoid. Mechanic, tough guy, and all-around sweetheart.


A family man and a mechanic living out of a garage/mancave on the Freon Shore.
Loves classic rock, wrestling, and the occasional toke of grass.
Once living with his wife and their 18 kids, Harrison’s life changed forever 6 years ago when the love of his life ate herself to death. Eventually many of his kids grew up and moved out. His life grew lonely, and his work kept him distracted. One day, Harrison went out for a walk by the lake like he used to do with his wife, but was ambushed by Balsa Boy and Frezno. They knocked him out and gave him over to Harlock.

He has recently been killed, though his consciousness and personality are retained through the fungal growth on his back.

Funky Harrison

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