William Sarne

SkiMask's old boss, works for PRISM.


William “Bill” Sarne is the head of PRISM’s Research and Development department. SkiMask, in his former life as a corporate ambassador, once worked in Bill’s department, and apparently they were fairly close.

Bill was selected to be apart of Harlock’s Alpha simulation program while it was still operating by the corporation’s codes and standards. Harlock approached Bill to include him in the program just before it had been shut down.

After being placed in the same type of simulation as the others, he escaped and returned to his job in The Neon City’s PRISM Tower.

He contacted the group by PRISM’s request to have them come to The Neon City to pay them each a great sum of credits with the understanding that they won’t sue the Corporation on Harlock’s behalf.


William Sarne

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