Wake Up and Smell The Ruin

"Get your flippers off my kids, you giant fish"

Session 6

Gunning their way through Filth City, the party drives on, through the wastes, through the swamp, past the ruined colosseum and the brilliant Shining Lake. Eventually, they arrive at Funky’s house. His son DJ, and six of his children, are there, and seem distressed. Apparently, children have been getting stolen from the village at midnight by a giant psychic fish creature, and his youngest daughter is next to be taken. The group spends the day arming the truck and building their arsenal to take on the monster. Barack Iguana equipped the truck with robot sentries that he can control from inside the car, using his computer. As midnight approaches, the team readies themselves, and meets the creature at the shore to launch an all-out assault on it. Funky slam-dunks a flamethrower into the fish’s mouth, causing it to explode and rain fish-guts everywhere.



johnfquirk johnfquirk

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