Wake Up and Smell The Ruin

Mutant Ruins and the Prism Boys

Session 7

After the group saved the shore-side settlement of the fish monster, they settled down for a bit and took a little day trip into the ruins by the Shining Lake, while Funky stayed behind and hung out with his kids. In the ruinous wastes, the group hopped and fence and went further into the unknown. They came upon a radioactive giant creature, who was screaming and vomiting and chasing two soldiers in silver armor. The soldiers were in a run for their money, and the party rose against the giant to protect them.


Thanking them, the soldiers, including Adam Armuro and Captain Dezzick Marshall gave the group a ride to the Golden City’s east side. On the way, while healing up, they learned about PRISM’s Alpha Program, their special blood, and were also told that Zig, from the mango forest, is a PRISM operative too. The group gets brochures about the Alpha program, and a map that will tell them a bit more about the surrounding area. The PRISM convoy is heading back east, so they get into the armored vehicle and drive off. Suddenly Skimask realizes this scenery looks familiar; and climbing up a cliffside, finds the burned ruins of his old mansion. He remembers his former life. He remembers Gnosbrock, that dick who burned down his house and ruined his life. He remembers chasing him down this road. He screams at the sky. Afterward, the armored truck drops them off at Funky Harrison’s, and they return to Funky’s house to see what’s up.


johnfquirk johnfquirk

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