Wake Up and Smell The Ruin

Mangos For Breakfast

Session 1

They awaken, in strange hibernation chambers. Bill, Sick Eddie, Funky Harrison, Explosion Cactus, and Thelonius Skimask, watch a frantic, one-eyed scientist curse and scramble, attempting to run away. His name is Harlock, and he’s been running these 5 people, along with others apparently, through a series of simulations, harvesting data from their adventures in virtual space.

After Harlock drove off in his Sonata, the five found the ability to move again, and Bill explained that he signed up for the simulation, and works for PRISM, the company funding the research. Shocked to hear that the others were involuntarily included in the program, Bill makes a few calls and is teleported away.

Upon walking outside, the party learns that they are among a series of other simulation domes, the rest of which have become homes. The dwellers of these domes sit around and play table-top RPGs at an attempt to emulate their experiences in the false realities. The leader of these people, Perkins, tells the party that he will help them out by making them a map, if they bring him back some mangos from the forest nearby.

Equipped with LARPing weapons, they ventured into the wood. As they went along, they saw footprints of soldiers, but did not meet any. There they fought a group of cannibal mutants, and after busting some heads, came upon the mango tree. In the tree was a glamorous man named Zig, who claimed to be king of the mangos, and king of the forest. He tosses them some of the fruits, and then asks if they’d met any soldiers. He then gets a phone call, and after bidding the party and then hops off the branch and into the depths of the forest.

The party returns to the settlement, mangos in hand, and gives them to Perkins. He offers them shelter for the night, and they rest easy.

To Be Continued…


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