Wake Up and Smell The Ruin

This Ol' Truck

Session 2

Through the night, they dream; Explosion Cactus remembers a Jeff-Bridges-looking man waving goodbye as he floats off into space. Sick Eddie remembers Ski Mask and him, together, getting into a bar fight, getting head-butted multiple times, and strangled by a guy with his hand missing.
They left the settlement as the day woke up, and met Barack Iguana, the telekinetic reptilian, who was being ejected from the village. He joined them, and they travelled the plains all day, through the soft snow. At the late afternoon, the group was attacked by a group of marauders, lead by a shitty show-off named Acrid, in a big armored truck.

After killing almost all of the raiders, they gained control of the truck and got some supplies from them.


Acrid was all messed up, so they brought him to the town at the base of the mountain.

To Be Continued…


johnfquirk johnfquirk

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