Wake Up and Smell The Ruin

Gassy Gordon and the Slippery Secrets of Gastown

Session 5

The group made it down the mountain and into GasTown.
Suspicious Gordon the Gas Monger wasn’t able to grant them the fuel, even if he wanted to— something beneath the town is drinking all of the gas. The group goes inside and faces the giant mud-monster, and barely escapes with their lives and a 5-gallon canister of gasoline.


In return they give Gordon a pair of robots.Camile lives here and is overjoyed to see her old beau, and joins the group. After some rocky relations, they’re off to the first testing facility; towards what Funky remembers to be his old home. They make their way around the cliffs, and enter the facility. There, a group of nerds who were being put through a simulation awaken, and help the party by pushing the truck down the mountain and into Filth City.

To Be Continued…


johnfquirk johnfquirk

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