Wake Up and Smell The Ruin

Strippin' Sonatas & Bustin' Up Bots

Session 4

As they near the mountaintop, they see the Sonata parked, fairly haphazardly, and shortly after, they see a person waving their arms at them, clearly not Harlock. It is Dr. Penelope Elmore, Harlock’s former PRISM colleague. She shut off the B34sT, and knew you were seeking revenge for what Harlock had done. Security footage shows that he had been there, a day ago. Fortunately she wasn’t there at the time. Elmore explains that Harlock was always a strange and cruel man— and his cruelty led him to take advantage of the simulation program and put subjects through extreme tests. She mentions that his lab is locked up, and she doesn’t know the code to get down there. After unlocking the door, the group ventures in. Inside they face a bunch of guard robots programmed to watch over the lab. They are built into the walls, and attack when the group enters. The gang destroys the machines with great swiftness, salvage their bodies, and find a few documents that lead them to where the other testing facilities are.




Sick Eddie finds an old revolver in Harlock’s basement lab as well, and the team spends the night on the first floor, talking about the stars and remembering what they can of their lives before The Simulation.

To Be Continued…


johnfquirk johnfquirk

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